New here. Need alittle help.

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Mar 6, 2013 10:29pm
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I have been trying to eat healthy and excerise as much as i can. When i first decided to start all this i lost 20 lbs super fast, havent lost much sense. That was in novemebr. Am I not doing something right? I eat tons of vegtables and fruits and I haven't touched any white grains in months! Not sure what the deal is :/ and I'm getting a little discouraged.

06 Mar
Don't get discouraged :) it's pretty bore to drop weight fast and not loose any in drastic numbers. So don't worry about it :)
06 Mar
Pretty normal*
06 Mar
Thank you :-) Will I eventually start losing weight again though? I'm okay with losing it slowly long as I see some kind of result.
07 Mar
It depends. You might try doing a different work out? And drink TONS of water. Natural detox for your body.