When should you wait to eat after working out?

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Mar 19, 2013 12:54am

On the days that I work (I work 10am-7pm), I usually do anywheres from 30min-45min of working out. So by the time I'm usually done, it is 830pm. I try to be in bed by 11pm or 1130pm so I can be up at 730/8am to get ready for work.

My question is how long should I wait before I eat something for dinner? I don't think it's healthy to skip eating and go to bed, so how long should I wait before eating a late dinner.

19 Mar
I say bout an hour after a workout. U don't want eat right after u workout
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Mar 19, 2013 12:58am
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If you're hungry eat...no need to wait
I have the same schedule.. I usually do 30min or more depends if I cook

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Mar 19, 2013 3:40am
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You gotta eat to builf muscle and you gotta eat to lose weight. For those of us losing weight our last meal should be between 7-8. But theres no specific time to eat after a work out. I say as soon as possible. It is def ok to go to sleep hungry and wake up and have a big breakfast. The bigger the breakfast the better.