Arms & Back fat?

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Mar 26, 2013 3:53pm
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Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows of any awesome workouts on here that 1) SHED ARM FAT & 2) TONE UP THE LATS (back fat)?? .... I already run on the treadmill daily and do other toning workouts. My arms already have muscle I just can't figure out how to melt all the fat thats on top of it near my triceps. And my lats are a bit jiggly and I hate it! Right now I weigh 128 & am 5ft so I only have a short ways to go....Any suggestions would be appreciated! Please and thank u!

26 Mar
Hi there ! It's impossible to spot reduce, you have to lose overall body fat. Making gradual changes to your diet in combination to what you are already doing will get you there ! Try and shoot for small meals throughout the day, less processed food and smaller portions of balanced 1-2-3 fat, protein, carbohydrate meals