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Apr 24, 2013 7:23am
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Going through this app and I already love it. Why and wat are the 'points' for though? And how do u do a workout that I have saved for later. I a little confused. Also if there is anyone that would like to be my workout motivational buddy lmk.

I'm 26. 5'5. 2 kids and a husband in the navy. He comes home in August and I really want look my best for him.
24 Apr
*WHAT are *how do YOU *I'M a little Dumb misspellings
24 Apr
Daily Workout Tips: 1.Yoga (30.min) 2.Gym (1 Hour) 3.Eating Healthy Food 4.Rest (Sleep) Repeat whole 1 to 4 Daily...Take Care :) I Gym I Workout
24 Apr
We could be buddies, I'm 29 and have 4 kids. Trying to loose all the weight I gained in my last pregnancy.
24 Apr
Oh and I still need to figure or what the points are for. When I save a workout for later, my alarm goes of on my cell when it's timeto do it.
24 Apr
Im pretty new too. But also a mother. maybe we can work together. Follow me.