30 day challenges...help!!!

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Apr 30, 2013 4:23pm
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I have my sister's bachelorette party coming up soon. I have a month and a half to kick myself into shape.

My goal: To lose a little bit of weight (10-15lb), but mostly get toned again.

My problem: I lose motivation

My request: Anyone have good 30-day challenge type of workouts that will keep me motivated? Anyone want to do this with me?

Please help!!
30 Apr
30 day squat challenge (if you have instagram you can search the hashtag and it'll show you) but basically doing a certain # of squats a day really changes your bod. 2 minute plank challenge (plank for 2 mins a day, do 5 if you're already fit) Run for 20 mins a day, google 'couch to 5k' and it should give you a program. Good luck :)
30 Apr
Oh you better start doing it. Lots of cardio and moderate on the weights. Eat healthy. Im doing squats and plants challenge at the moment. Doing spartan challenge for may. Goodluck. You can lose ten lbs but you have to be very good. No cheat meals
30 Apr
30 Apr
Ooo thanks guys!! I'm starting this 7day summer arms challenge and the 30day squats challenge today! There's one person who commented on the arms one saying that she lost 1 inch from each arm and a bunch of other ppl said they're much more toned. :)
02 May
10 min of planks a day or 1000 jumping jacks a day for 30 days