Fasting- ADF or IF- have you tried it??

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May 6, 2013 3:04pm
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Has anyone tried Alternate Day Fasting (eating 0 calorie foods every other day) OR tried Intermittent Fasting where you choose how long your eating window is (anywhere between four hours and ten hours every day) then you don't eat the rest of the day.

I tried the warrior diet (four hour eating window) but it led to binging, so until I get my emotions and relationship with food under control I can't use these methods so I'm staying paleo and just counting calories for now with attempts at not eating for long periods of time.

Has anyone else ever used these methods??

07 May
I do the eight hour diet(google the book) 3 days a window of eating is usually around noon until 8 pm( but rarely eat past 7pm).. I love it..and have so much energy. I never thought I could work out without having at least a smoothie but I find my workouts and results are better since I started doing the fasting! Good luck!
07 May
I'm really happy to hear that holly!! 12-8 is definitely doable! And I have heard of the diet and book! There is bother program with 8:16 and it's called Lean Gains... Awesome!