Lose extra fat :D

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May 12, 2013 10:31pm
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I need to impress my boyfriend for next month when he takes me to a water park.
He's the most toned guy in school and he could make a anorexic look fat because he's all muscle. (Hes a Jock)
I need to loose fat and tone up I need help focusing on no more junk food. Here's what I'm gonna need.
•tips for loosing weight
•any kind of specific foods I should&shouldn't eat
•workouts that will help me out (BIG TIME)&with fast results.

ps.I have a fast metabolism but a horrible food habbit.


12 May
I have been losing weight by doing stretches, some daily ab and leg work outs. After words I do a combination of walking and jogging. Start slow if your not us to it! It took me a bit to start jogging more than walking but it helps I have lost 12 pounds so far. Make sure to bring water and drink plenty as you workout! And I highly suggest getting someone to work out with this will hold both you and them accountable and encourage each other this will make it harder to just decided to give up. I jog...
12 May
I have not changed to much of what I eat but just eat smaller portions and yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast. And eating nuts or fruit as snacks.
12 May
Thank you (:
14 May
Run run run! And if you wanna be really toned, try biking. If you wanna stay away from junk, don't buy it.
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May 13, 2013 12:29am
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Weight loss: Cardio exercises are best. Running, walking, cycling, etc. Try this power walk for 12 min, then jog for 8 min, walk again for 5 min, then run for 5 min. Total time = 30 min. Changing speeds forces your body to adjust and keeps your metabolism burning fat well after your workout. It's an old runner's trick, I gave my Mom the same advice and she lost 15 lbs (Love ya Mom).

Tone up: Full body exercises are great. Planks (elbow, side planks, hop out planks) work great for toning up your tummy. Burpees, mountain climbers, and V-ups will work your entire core. Checkout ab-workouts-guide.com there's plenty of ab exercises there that are both fun and challenging. Checkout my workout 20x10 it's a bit intense, but there are some good exercises for shedding fat and building muscle around your abs, butt, legs, and calves.

Food: Sarah W has the right idea drink plenty of water. Dish the sugar water (soda, sweet teas, etc.) Cut back on bad carbs (chips, pastas, white bread, etc.) Eat good fats like machadamia nuts, almonds, avacados, olives (oil too), walmnuts, but not peanuts good fat unlike bad fat (processed stuff...yuk) makes you thinner and is healthier too.

If you need any motivation I'm here for you girl, I know you can (and will do this). Pretty soon you won't be the girl with ripped boyfriend, he'll be the boy with the girlfriend that has a kilker bod... Good luck and God Bless!