Weight lose tips or motivation?:c

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May 16, 2013 5:39am
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Hey!I've been trying really hard to get rid of this extra belly fat!I've been doing basic things(like sit ups,crunches,push-ups,ect) in the morning along with running/walking around the neighborhood with my dog.I play volleyball,tennis,and swim team.I have NOT been able to get rid of it!!Am I doing something wrong?I mean..maybe it's my eating habits.It's not that I eat junk but I usually have that one cookie
16 May
Maybe you dont really have belly fat like u think!
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May 16, 2013 6:17am
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Hi! I'm new to this app but Im doing the same with my body fat. I literally do not have Alot of body fat but I'm trying so hard to get wash board abs.lol try not eating anything with carbs after 7ish. Carbs provide us with energy and when going to bed while eating them causes all that extra surgery energy to be stored in our body fat! While sleeping your body should use the energy stored in your fat cells if you stay away from carbs at night. Other than that you should see a small difference if you are still working out as hard as you say. Eat blueberries(good for losing body fat) and recently I've been doing sprints for my cardio. That's a way to get where you want fast! Good luck!