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May 27, 2013 7:04pm
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Wondering if there is anything I need to know first. So im married to a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I had been steadily losing 2 to 3 pounds a week. Thats started to tapper of. Im curious how not eating meat will do. So starting tomorrow im going to try to go 3 weeks without eating meat. I take a multi vitamin and may have a slimfast shake every day. Is there any other thing I need to introduce to my diet?

27 May
You would do better to cut the potatoes, meat is mostly protein which is not a stored form of energy (it burns fast and easily) where as your potatoes are full of carbohydrates which if not fully utilised turn into starch which your body stores as fat.
28 May
I try and measure any kind of side item. On a typical night my husband will grill anything from burgers to pork. Today he smoked a ham. Then I will cook a side with either a veggie or fruit. If i think the side is to high in calories I substitute it for salad. Since we have 4 kids we try and do this every night. Its usually 4/5 out of the 7 nights we do this. As a personal challenge to myself I just want to see how I feel after not eating meat for a few weeks.
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May 27, 2013 9:29pm

I used to be a Pescatarian (google it!).  As far as I know cutting out meat isn't a big deal providing you're eating a good diet. You should be able to get all the protein you need from beans, pulses, nuts, eggs, & milk. The main thing to watch out for with the diet you describe is iron deficiency.

Now for a bit of background:

People will tell you that you can get plenty of iron from green leafy vegetables. This is true, but the iron you get from veg is "non-haem iron" and is harder for your body to absorb than haem-iron, which is the iron you get in meat. Thankfully there is something you can do to help your body absorb non-haem iron and that is to ensure that there is vitamin c in you gut at the same time as the non-haem iron.  The easiest way to do this is to have a glass of Orange Juice with your meal whenever your eat green leafy veg.

Hope thats useful :)


27 May
Also Jen, bare in mind that when it's 'that time of the month' you will loose more iron than normal.
28 May
Thank you! That is very helpful.
28 May
Thanks for the advice, will keep oranges handy. Checked pescatarian out and honestly probably could do it. Will check some more.
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May 28, 2013 4:57am

Hi Jen

Like David says, if your diet is good, dropping meat out should be fine.  Meatcis protein rich, do replace that as people h a ve suggested. Be sure your multi vitamin gives you iron sbd b-12 (found mostly in meats but also in dairy). The other thing i would suggest is making sure you go beyond  salad for veggies - both b/c many salads arent that nutritionaly dense and also because you may get sick of them :). Here are some good sources  of receipes veg receipes that actually end up tasting really good and you can find easily online. Buon appetite: 1 deliciously ella 2 the post punk kitchen. 3 sassy radish. All are free and loaded with recipes.

28 May
Thank you. I will check that out.