Thunder thighs

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Jun 8, 2013 9:54pm
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Well, the title says it all...i have these wide ass thighs that rub together when i walk..its really uncomfortable when i wear a sundress or dress in general.even in a pair of jeans they rub together...yeah thick thigh are sexy but not when they rub together so much that they sweat and get a heat rash. Anyways, how to rid of them. Thanks for some suggestions.

08 Jun
Lol I hear ya. Thunder thighs are in my family too! The men in my family however escape :p Check out the cardio section of this app. The yoga workout is good, the "drop and give 20" is good too. I got sore after I started the "drop and give me 20" my thigh were aching! But you know...stay consistent and keep at it...before you know it...your muscles are gonna get toned :)
09 Jun
I have them but i embrace them by lifting weights &cardio:) my thighs are pretty thick also defined to see the muscle :-) u can enhance your curvy thighs and be happy:-) have a blessed one!
09 Jun
BUT..if u want to get rid of them. Do squats, lunges, run hills/stairs,jump rope. Thigh workout with ankle weights. Butbi guarantee u if u workout with weights starting at 8/10lbs doing all these exercises plus cardio. U will love your thights. mine rubs together but its a smooth feeling bc there is no fat
11 Jun
True. My thighs look better now that I've starting working out
11 Jun
Thanks you everyone..apparently this workout from bosschick is doing them some good...just going to keep at it.