Lose the female belly

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Jun 10, 2013 6:24am
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So im new here and i started working out since last month. i wanna get rid of the belly for that summer bikini body. also, I started to try a no fat/oil diet and trying not to eat lots of processed food and tons of fatty foods that are traditional culture foods. what kinds of food should i be eating? for now im eating chobani fruit yogurt, whole wheat breads, fruits, naked greem juice, and water of course. in addition, any suggestions for workout to lose the belly fat?

10 Jun
You need healthy fats to lose fat!!
10 Jun
Alletas right, u need fat to burn fat. Its bad to eliminate fat completely. Use fish oils instead. And do all abs exercises here and cardio. Consistency and discipline is the key..
10 Jun
what does the fish oils do?
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Jun 11, 2013 7:38am
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You always need to give your body healthy fats too! Everything in moderation. As for the tummy, do ab workouts. Really feel the burn. Take thirty minutes everyday to do a ab workout, no excuses! You'll see results in a few weeks. Also, remember to eat healthy. Feed your body what it needs and it will naturally shed the fat. Cutting food or fats from your diet just make your body hold on to extra fat that much more! Hope it helps!