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Jun 10, 2013 1:18pm
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Okay so here's the deal... I just want to get abs I already am skinny :p anyway. I love pastry and bread. Like ALOT. I changee my diet a lot in the last few months... stopped the soda, eating more fruits and veggies, working out, cutting carbs at night, and watching my calorie intake as much as I can. HOWEVER ! whenever I see pastry I just can't not eat it. And here's the prob... my mom buys them bcz we have 4 year old twins in the house... so any help?:/ I have to stop this :/

10 Jun
Add more cardio into your workout routine. Try to avoid pastries, they are loaded with calories, fats, sugars, carbs, may be hard to turn away but it has to do with will power. Or maybe you could reward yourself one day out of the week. If you avoid eating them all week, eat one on Sunday as a reward. Nobody likes sticking to a diet if they can't have something they truly enjoy. Moderation is key, reward yourself occasionally for your hard work and dedication.
10 Jun
Drink a lot of water with healthy carbs like fruits and vegtables. That usually makes me feel good and not want to eat anymore, but if you still have some trouble then try and get the pastries out of your sight like putting them in a cabinet. That usually helps. Good luck!
10 Jun
Thank you for the advice ! I'll def try that because I was going crazy and felt like all my hard work was wasted on those carbs that I ate today
10 Jun
whenever you crave an unhealthy food drink water or go upstairs in your room or just think do I really need to eat it?!
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Jun 10, 2013 6:33pm
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There are several reasons why u crave for something.. It could be a deficient of a nutrient in ur body, erratic hormone, pregnancy, emotional problem, depression and etc.. Ask urself honestly what problem u have so that u can correct it.
Eating pastries and the likes releases "serotonin" on ur body, a feel-good hormone thats why u eat and eat to feel good about urself. Exercise is an excellent way to somewhat correct craving problems it balances hormones. Again ask urself what triggers the craving, the thought of it? The smell? The sight? Eliminate it by asking someone to not to give u..   
Sorry i talk too much.. Theres a lot to say.. 
10 Jun
Its okayyy this also helped me even more... and I crave out of boredom and the sight of it just makes me go crazy... so im trying to just get into the kitchen and ignore the pastry lying all over the kitchen haha ! Thnk a lot again :)