Feeling Sick :/

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Jun 11, 2013 11:35pm
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Just done my first workout in a while and aint feeling so good now. Is that normal? Or should I be worried? Anything to help stop it happening next time?

11 Jun
Did you eat anything two hours before or right after?
11 Jun
Before the workout I did, and it wasnt healthy either :/
11 Jun
What did you do. You could be dehydrated . Or just an unhealthy diet. Not enough sugar or proteins. Eat a small snack after working out. A healthy one like fresh fruit or veggies. But only after your heart rate slows down ans you cool off. I used to get the same way . That did the trick for me.
11 Jun
I did the Fall Fit 20 x 20 Challenge. Probably wasnt the best to start with after not doing any exercise for a while.
12 Jun
You shouldn't push yourself just yet. Take it easy and do what you can . :) you'll get better over time no need to rush results