Lifting More Than 50 Pounds

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Jun 12, 2013 1:23am
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Who can lift 50 pounds
I am five years old
Can you lift 50 pounds
I hope so
You might be strong
Tell your mom how old you are
So you know you can lift 50 pounds
If you can lift less than 50 pounds
That's still good
But you need lift more than that
Like a heavy boy or girl
But you need to be an adult to do that
So if you can then do it
To be in this forum topic
Like a heavy person
Who can lift more than 50 pounds
So you need to be strong to get in this topic
And lose weight bye...bye
Wait one more thing
If your an adult lose weight
If your a kid gain weight
Now you know the difference
Gaining and losing weight
And make sure you gain and lose weight
Every day
Remember that
So remember the rules
Gaining and losing is okay every day
Remember that
So this is the topic
You can only be in this topic if
You can lift more than 50 pounds
Want to be in it
Then just get in it
Remember you can only be in this topic
If you can lift 50 pounds or more
This is the topic
Lifting more than fifty pounds