Suggested program: Get (back) into running

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Nov 13, 2013 5:55pm
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Firstly, I love the workout programs on here; they are usually what I was looking to do. Thus, when I saw a plan to get back into running in Women's Health magazine, I came here to see if it was already a program; I was saddened that it was not. My fiancée and I are looking for fat burning exercises and he wants to get back into running and I have never really been a runner.

I would really like to see a (maybe 3-4+ week) program building up walking/jogging to running/endurance so we can do it correctly (properly building and properly spaced so we don't hurt ourselves).
Just a thought,
Thank you

13 Nov
Couch to 5K app...starts and builds on each running workout
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Nov 14, 2013 10:43pm
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I think running apps are a waste of time, u sgould train every aspect that helps in ur running, aerobic endurance , the effort u can give, speed, fast twitch fibers ..... if u don't know how to train for effort it's the same as running tempo runs but in an interval way and for a longer time so u should do 5×1min run and 2min recovery
     5×2min run and 2min recovery
     5× 3min run and 2min recovery
    Keep in mind that in all the running time u are running at rhe same speed which should be 85% of ur full speed

Also do technique drills for speed and trainnur hamstrings and calfes also do explosive workouts to work on ur fast twitch fibers
, and at last do long runs like for 40-80min non-stop running on the same speed to build your endurance