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Aug 20, 2015 11:43am
via Android

Possibly allow for people to skip the last rest period of a workout to get into another quicker. Also maybe have a little more time in between each workout/rep. For example. Getting from sit-ups or pushups into wall sits without having to pause. Like a 5 second transition period. I don't want to always pause and take time out of a rep. Not sure if I'm the only one.

25 Aug
What I do is when the timer goes 3 seconds remaining I will get up if I was on push ups what eva. So its when the 3 sec timer goes off
25 Aug
I pause when it says that. Buy I want to do the full 30 seconds of pushups. Not 27 and rush to do the next and take a couple seconds off that rep like wallsits or whatever
27 Aug
I understand yes.