Suggestion for Skimble: integration with Apple health/watch and withings scale

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Oct 8, 2015 8:12pm
via iOS
First, I really love this app. Great library of workouts and a solid community of users.

I splurged on myself and got an Apple Watch. I've come to love the fitness tracking on the watch. I use it to track runs, hikes, swims, kayak trips, etc (I'm a nature-is-my-gym kinda guy) as well as the calories burned during the workouts I do through this app. I'm also using a Withings scale that automatically links to my health account.

I would love to see better integration with the Apple health system. Specifically:
1. Update my weight/stats from Apple health or withings.
2. Automatically recognize and import workouts recorded on my Apple Watch. For example, this morning I did a hike and recorded it on my watch. In order to log it in the Skimble app though I had to create a dummy workout with the details. What I'd rather have happen is for the Skimble app to automatically import the workout into my profile (I also use myfitnesspal and it does this pretty seamlessly).
3. Use real time heart rate info from the Apple Watch (or any other heart rate sensor) during workouts. I could see this expanding into heart rate zone workouts that automatically adjust based on your heart rate.

Even if none of these happen, I'll continue to use the app because of the great library and community. It would just be nice from a community point of view if it was easier to share/post all of the workouts I do (many of which are outdoors running/biking that don't have set time lengths and therefore don't play well with the current app setup).

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Jan 25, 2016 1:24am
Absolutely, skimble needs to connect these apps.