Flat tummy to abs

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Aug 22, 2013 4:39pm
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Im near flat tummy. Been eating clean though. Not entirely. Juat got back on track with working out. Im aiming to get abs by November. Is it poasible? If so, should I always focua on abs exercises or .. ? Like how much on a week? What abs exercise are the best?

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Aug 22, 2013 5:47pm
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Of course its possible. I went from baby fat to abs in 5 weeks. Still improving on them cuz they need more definition tho. I like bicycle crunches, russian twists, anything that focuses on obliques, and if you can get some weights and a 45 degree seat (like at the gym) and do crunches/extensions on those thats a good one too.

22 Aug
5wks???? Wow! Okay I need that motivation! I have been trying for over a year!
22 Aug
Fortunately I was blessed with a fast metabolism but that alone wasnt gonna give me the results I wanted lol. Keep your core right as often as possible and push yourself because the uncomfortable feeling you have during your workout is only temporary.
23 Aug
5weeks is.. wow. Do yo do abs everyday? What about the other parts od ur body?
23 Aug
I focus on abs every other day. I workout mon-fri rotating from abs to upper body to abs to lower body..etc
24 Aug
Do you eat 100% clean? Hw many cheat days?