30 day ab/squat challenge

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Nov 10, 2013 12:21am
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Day 1 down :D 29 more to go! , who's with me? I'm doing the challenge from tribesports.com

11 Nov
Day 2 down!
11 Nov
Im in .im in day 4 though
12 Nov
Alright!! Day 3... Done!
13 Nov
Day 4:) funny thing. I thought I needed to workout tonight but I did it this morning! Go me!
13 Dec
Lmao so I got off track after about a week of that lol. Back on track now and I have also lost 7lbs. My goal weight is 110 I should be at 119.? Tomorrow. I am losing about 1lb per day so hoping to accomplish my goal by x mas. I will be gadfly if I am at least close. Decided to throw in some light exercises with my diet to help a little with shape :) wish me luck! So far so good!!!