500 hundred reps (5 Hunn-it)

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Jul 7, 2014 11:45pm
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Alright yall, so I just saw some people talkin bout this on the Internet, YouTube, and a few people at my gym. Workout is 500 reps total in a workout session. That means 500 reps of biceps, triceps, back, chest, or abs. I'm going to try this today in about 15min. I'm starting off with chest. What I'm going to do is 4 sets of 25. 4*25=100. So 5 workouts on chest starting off with a weight I know I can do but by the end of my 1st set will be kind of hard. Then going down 10 lbs in weight or 15 and doing it again until it's hard to do at the end of my 2nd set. And so on. Whos in with me on trying this out?

08 Jul
Alright so I just finished up with my 5 hunnit reps of chest workouts. I did the following each at 100 reps: dumbell chest press (15 press, 10 fly 35 lbs down to 25), cable flies (30 lbs down to 27.5) upward cable flies (35 lbs down to 27.5), 100 chest press machine (115 lbs down to 85), and dips