Army Pyramid Challenge

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May 24, 2015 9:27pm
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Try the Army Challenge!
Consists of Pull ups and push ups!
This is the actual challenge that we did in the Army, it's an awesome way to push yourself to the limits and to see how far can you go!

*Males and Females*

Targets : Upper body (Back, Bicpes, Chest and triceps) Helps builds up Upper body strength & Endurance.

This is how you start out, for lvl 1 you will be doing 1 Pull up and right after that you'll be doing 10 Push ups, you can have 30 secs rest then. After 30 secs you're moving on to lvl 2, So that's 2 Pull ups and 10 Push ups. And lvl 3 that's 3 Pull ups 10 push ups and it goes on and on.

Lvl 1 : 1 Pull ups 10 Push ups 30 sec
Lvl 2 : 2 Pull ups 10 Push ups 30 sec
Lvl 3 : 3 Pull ups 10 Push ups 30sec
Lvl 4 : 4 Pull ups 10 Push ups 30 sec

Males: Standard Pull ups & Standard Push ups.

Females: Standard Pull ups & Knee on the ground Push ups.

Feel Free to Post your records!!
And all the best!

25 May
Our Club Record set Jetts fitness Gym: Male : Lvl 7 Female : Lvl 3
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Oct 29, 2015 5:54pm
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Gonna try this out as soon as I get a pull up bar :)