Be the best Runner ^^

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Sep 28, 2015 9:32am
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I was always dreaming to be the best runner .. & my dream became true that's so easy u can see my new workout The Best Runner ,, u will be the best runner if u try this workout ^^ it contains different run exercises & the best run exercises .. I think u should all try it .. wish u all get benefits

28 Sep
Might try it
28 Sep
Liked it so I can try it later
29 Sep
I'm sorry. You are the best runner? By whose standards? What is your 5k? Please tell. On a side note this workout won't make anyone run faster. even a lot of speed and agility drills rarely make people faster. If you truly want to get faster you should look up joe defranco, he trains professional athletes to become fast and more agile. And he does this with strength building. Sorry for sounding rude, I just couldn't let this fly.