Running challenge: 10K daily for 31 day in a row

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Oct 19, 2015 2:50pm

Hi there, runners and cardio lovers!

I am inviting you to join my running challenge for the upcoming 31 day. The challenge is very simple: run 10 km daily for 31 day in a row.

By the end of the challenge you will find yourself happier, slimmer, improve your endurance and discover free hour in your busy schedule to do the things you love.

On the 32nd day, you may reward yourself with something nice: have a rest, compete in a race, get a new gadget or get rid out of your old one - whatever makes you happy! You deserve it!

Link for 10K workout, so you can collect Skimble points:

Feel free to join, share a word about your motivation, running background and progress below :)

Let's rock, party starts today! :)

19 Oct
Hints how to make it both healthier and easier: 1) Distance must be covered in a single run. 2) Run slow! You must be able to chat without extra effort while running. Your HR (heart rate) should be 120-130 bpm. HR>160bpm will actually decrease training effect. 3) Run 5K (or less) in case you are slower than 30 min on 5K / 1:05 hour for 10K. Note, 70km a week is a serious mileage even for experienced marathoners. And lastly, in case of injury or pain - stop until fully recovered.
21 Oct
I would love to do this. Unfortunately, I am unable to join you at the moment (physically, I could probably fit in one 10K a week) but this is on my list. Serious work, great job!! You are definitely a motivation!
23 Oct
Vivienne, thank you! You are very welcome to join any time you want. :-) Your progress in yoga is also very impressive. Now thinking about some balance-releated challenge for the next time, thanks for that!
28 Oct
That's great idea, and it really motivates! Recommendations are helpful as well. 10 km daily for the me as beginner will be too much, but I will try to join for 5-6 km, like I run sometimes in summer. By the way, when do you run - morning, evening?
02 Nov
Anna, welcome to the Skimble running club then! :) If you're in Moscow you are welcome to join me in person :) Usually I start around 22:30 and run for 50-55mins. After run I need another 1.5-2 hours to calm down and be able to sleep, since running boosts my energy. So keep that mind, as currently I'm really struggling to wake up earlier than 9am. Will adjust my schedule upon completion of the challenge, but stakes are high now and l don't want to fail right before finish.
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Oct 23, 2015 9:33pm
via Android

Just for a note, if someone's care :) Today is the 10th day in a row (I've started several days before posting here), with 105 km completed. Marathon wouldn't run itself! Keep running :)

23 Oct
Hi Ale! I would like do this but Im sure I wont run 10km. I can run for 20mins :)
23 Oct
Btw great job!
24 Oct
Rudy, I'm absolutely sure you are far better runner than you think. 20 mins is a lot, belive me or not, as you are going to do them daily. Think about overnight parties, hours long bus rides, hours in the office... To succeed, one should enjoy the run; feel more energetic than before the start. Secret is to run slow, just a tiny bit faster than you walk. Fast runs exhaust body, and require rest days, since rest days are not available, intensity should be really low, so that you always slow down yourself while running.