Stomachs getting bigger

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Jun 11, 2016 3:38am
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Hey everyone, quick question. Been working out like crazy. Going for 1hour walks a day, doing workouts from this app, doing insanity dvds, running 8laps straight around the track, and lifting weights(40pds max). Only downside is I eat like crap but my metabolism is so high that I just stay skinny. That's not the issue though, issue is my stomachs getting bigger since I've been working out? Anyone know why? I've always had a gut but it's not been that bad till recently. Am I over working? I mean since April of been killing it with the workouts. 6 times a week for roughly 2hrs a day of physical activity. So when I looked at my stomach a few days ago it threw me off. What's happening?

12 Jun
It's probably all the "crap" you've been eating. You can workout as much as you want but you'll never be healthy and look your best without eating right.
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Jun 11, 2016 10:26pm
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Your 'faster' metabolism isn't keeping you skinny.

You are just eating more than you are using. So your gut gets bigger.

27 Jul
Maybe thats just your body type.Some peoples have a vary slim waist,some have a more chubby waistline and some have a large waist.But I think if you ate better it would slim down.
10 Aug
It's all that muscle pushing out all that fat!