Help need get ready for soccer season and 10th grade

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Jun 20, 2013 5:47am
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I need to improve my endurance and running skills and leg strength and be in shape for soccer season which is the first season of the year help!!! Is there a way I can be in shape by soccer season and look good for my next year at high school I wanna look health and sexy and look in shape but mostly for soccer help any advice anything will help
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Jun 20, 2013 7:21am
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Training running 4 miles in every week.. before every run do worm up soccer workout. Do squats, push ups, sit upps.
I Recommend, do Butt kicking workout, Plank, jump rope, ànd high knee pulls..

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Jun 20, 2013 8:06am
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Well weight training allways helps. explosive movements like cleans, push press and so on might work best. Some drill runs like suacide runs, Cone runs, latter runs and so on Will probably help you to. Interval runs Will help you a lot since soccer have both jogging, runs and sprints.

And my number 1 tip to improve in soccer.... Go play more succer ;)
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Jun 20, 2013 9:19am
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If you want to improve your condition and your skills purely for soccer i would suggest you focus on working out with the ball.

The main skill in football is technique and the only way to improve your technique is ALOT of touching the ball.
One simple routine which is great for conditioning work and technique is the following.

Get 10 poles/sticks or whatever and place them behind eachother at something like 50 cm. The exersise should be done at a high pace with a short rest in the middle. Dribble between the poles on the highest pace possible while keeping control of the bal. Use the inside AND outside of your foot to keep control. Touche the ball as many times as possible while dribbling and try to make short steps. When comming at the end turn sharply to right or left and pass the ball to the beginning on one motion. Sprint behind the ball and control it. Repeat this atleast 15 times with max 1 short break.

What these kind of exersise do is forcing you to keep control of the ball at a high pace in an environment where their is pressure on possesion.

There are alot more of these kind of things. If i were you i would go on youtube and check for technique training clips and see what you like to get into your own training.

I dont really believe in long distance runs as the best base for football condition. But maybe that is cuz im dutch and we always train on technique above everything. If you were to train condition i would mainly train explosiv sprint at a high pace and incorperate the ball if possible

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Jun 20, 2013 12:51pm
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Hey, I've been playing competitive soccer for about 6 years now. You just mentioned that tou needed to improve your endurance and running not ball control or anything WITH the ball. You shouldn't just go for jogs or runs at the same pace because that won't help. In soccer, it is all sprint, stop, sprint , jog, stop, so you want to improve your sprinting endurance (how long you can sprint for) and you want to improve recovering quickly from the sprint(getting your breth or energy back) so you can run and go after the ball again. Good luck and if you need anything else you can pm me.