Night/day workouts?

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Jun 23, 2013 4:40am
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Hey guys! So I have trouble sleeping at night so do you guys know of any night time exercises/stretches? I also have trouble waking up right away (I stay in be for an hour before I do anything) so do you guys know any morning exercises/stretches?
04 Jul
Hey, a good exercise you can do is go for a jog before you go to sleep. Like 30 or 45 minutes will be enough. I also have problems with waking up in the morning. I try to motivate my self. So before I go to bed I think about the next day. A healthy breakfast and a morning walk. I also move my phone to an other place of my room that I have to stand up to take the alarm of. ... I'm actually German. But I hope you understand what I wrote :)
05 Jul
Thanks! I will try this tomorrow! :)