Hey I'm 15 and new here and I am looking for a little help

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Jul 4, 2013 3:36am
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I am looking to loose some weight I weigh about 147pounds and I am not happy with that and I have a big stomachs that I would like to fix. So if any one has any advice or ideas/work outs to try that would be much appreciated. I have no work put equipment to use at the time, and I am just starting to get more and more motivated.... Thanks

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04 Jul
*BREAKFAST: eat a lot of healthy brown bread that you are full and ready for your day (don't use to much butter) *LUNCH: eat what ever you want (carbohydrates> noodles or potatoes, salad, vegetables, fish, meat...) but don't eat toooooo much! *AFTER LUNCH: do not eat carbohydrates anymore!! (Noodles, potatoes, fried stuff) *DINNER: don't eat carbohydrates (because you don't need energy for the night) you can eat salad, meat, fish (don't fry any food!!!) or vegetables.*DON'T EAT: after 6pm .......... Do three or for times one or only a half hour sport in the week. Dancing, jogging, or just fast...
04 Jul
Thanks I shall try do that
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Jul 4, 2013 3:41am
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I was 147 lbs and yesteday I went to the doctor and I weighed in at 142lbs I am 14 years old and I know how hard it is being in high school and not being satisfied with your body. I just wanted to tell you its not gonna be easy and it takes time atleast 4 weeks of solid just to stary seeing any slight changes but if want any help and advice or motivation I am a welcome ear and comgrats on starting your journey
04 Jul
Thanks... What work outs would you recommend.