Running Shoes???

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Aug 27, 2013 2:59pm
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I just wanna ask If the running shoes is so vital for walking or running and if I use any other shoes...Is it would be danger on my leg or even my whole body ??

27 Aug
its all depend on the way you do it but honestly i would recommend you to do a 20 minutes intense cardio with six pack shortcut mike change on youtube... you can try it with a simple towel no weight and no risk to kill your knee on the way :)
27 Aug
I run distance, track, trails and hike a lot. When it comes to running wear supportive running shoes. Avoid areas with alot of downhills. I have found a substitute for running, swimming and biking is great. And it won't cause injuries that running too often can. I recommend Asics. Don't run in all these super light shoes that coming out.
27 Aug
Thanks Pals
28 Aug
You should get running shoes that are fit your feet or you could damage your ankles or knees and try to get new shoes every year if you are running a lot because the shoes will get worn down and can cause injury