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Oct 1, 2013 6:11am
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Hello, my name is Tanner and I'm currently 18 years old. I downloaded this app because I want to get in shape. I'm currently 265 pounds, and lets just say that my physique is covered by some excess chubbiness that I'd like to get rid of.

I'm most interested in gaining some substantial muscle mass, increasing my stamina for running, as well as push ups and things of that nature. And most importantly, I'm looking to lose some serious inches off of my stomach and my neck.

I'm posting this because I'm looking for some advice, or even a person to help me achieve my goal. I woulf like to complete my goal by january of 2014, which is about 3-4 months.

If anybody has ang questions, comments, concerns, or anything else, please respond. Thanks for your time!

01 Oct
Walking is your best friend for the next few weeks Walk everywhere. Don't take the elevators or escalators use the stairs and work out for at least 1 hour a day
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Oct 1, 2013 12:20pm
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Right there with you Bro, except I'm not 18. There are some serious exercises contained here. I'd recommend the marine basic training Workout, it's intense and it delivers. On the issue of muscle mass, EAS or Muscle Milk, they cost about $1 a day to use and it's essential to help with recovery after the workout. If you don't feel good the next morning, you ain't gonna feel like working out which will defeat your purpose. Also make sure to use a stretching program before bed, it makes sleeping easier and more restful. Follow me and I follow back

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Oct 1, 2013 1:45pm
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I Started using myfitnesspal to track my calories that I eat and burn with exercise. It has revolutionized my approach and I've seen results in one week I wasn't seeing in months of eating
healthy and exercising.

You might want to alternate weeks of muscle building (muscle weight gain through weight training and protein) and cardio+calorie deficit weight loss. but as far as that is concerned somebody else must know more than i do.