I need help!!

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Dec 31, 2013 4:56am
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I'm 16 years old and I'm not happy with my weight I've scheduled a lot of workouts for the new year but I'm not sure about eating habits... i eat a lot! And i really need to change that any suggestions on what to eat and how much??

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Dec 31, 2013 5:01am
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Thats what was going on with me. But i just told myself that if I really want this, I need to work hard for it!

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Dec 31, 2013 5:03am
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Its tough especially in the beginning to eat healthy i struglled beginning too the first week will be killer and even firast month is tough but it gets easier and easier. One of ways to eat less drink lots of water get a water bottle fill it up plenty timesĀ  drink it all day long this gets a lot of hunger out also eat steady meals three meals a day two healthy snacks eat real meals filled with the right stuff vitamins protein low in sugar fats and not to much carbs. avoid cany as much as possible these are empty caloried that add up FAST instead eat a green this fills you up during snack another dont drink soda this really gets the wieght up and after about two weeks drinkling soda doesnt even cross your mind stay dteremined know you workouted out hard and that u dont want to waste that tough wrokout

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Dec 31, 2013 5:15am
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Thank you so much!! I'll definitely use this!

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Jan 1, 2014 1:57am
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Focus more on eating the right things instead of less: whole grains, fresh fruits, raw/cooked vegetables (research per veggie which is more beneficial), low-fat meats (fish & chicken especially) & dairy items. It's ok to have a bit of the less/not healthy stuff but make those a rather small part. You'll need to eat enough to maintain your base + fuel your exercise. Also, drink lots of water & get the right amount (neither too much nor too little) of sleep. There's a wealth of information online so do research. I hope that helps!

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Jan 1, 2014 3:30am
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So heres the deal hon.

I eat all. The. Time.
Like i dont stop eating for more than an hour or so. Ive always been bad with self control...

Its okay to eat a lot- i most certainly do. Its more a matter of what youre eating.

Dont make a cold cut either- youll get bored of it. Just work on replacing some of the junkier food with some veggies at a gradual pace- a pace just slightly challenging for YOU.

I have never eaten to loose- my weight has always been in a healthy weight range. But in the last six months, ive unintentionally lost 10 lbs.

Do drink plenty of water, exercise and give it your all... but if you want to eat healthy- and stick with it- make sure you enjoy what youre making. Make a spanish fritata with sausage and spinach! plenty of protien and greens...

Stay away from sugars too any extreme degree (fruit is good, but loaded with sugar, be very careful) and dont eat three to four hours prior to going to bed.

The best of luck to you darling! Any questions, do feel free to ask [me]. Im always willing to give my two cents worth.


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