Workout buddy ?

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Jan 5, 2014 9:33pm
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Hey yall, Im from Mississippi. 15 . Im looking for a workout buddy to help me with my weight loss goal. It doesnt matter if youre a boy or girl, i dont really care. I have a KIK so we can stay in touch. Anyone up for it? GAM !

05 Jan
Me but i don't have a kik..soo...
05 Jan
Oh well , that okay. I could text you. If thats okay witcha ?
05 Jan
Yeah or email
05 Jan
Kay, here ya go : // im about to do a workout now so ill get at ya when im done !
05 Jan
Here too i use to have a kik but not anymore but i am on myfitnesspal.. id is maliyah7. More friends equals more motivation.