Need to loose few kilos before a dance party in 3 weeks time , i'm a guy

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Feb 28, 2014 6:07am
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Hi folks i jog atleast 5times a week which includes around 5km jogging and 8km power walk also with pushups , inclined pushups , planks and everything. My target region is stomach. I also eat proper food , now the problem is that after the few intial kgs i havnt lost anything since 2weeks.
Please help me , am i doing something wrong or i need to work out harder?

All types of suggestions are welcome.
02 Mar
U need a long time in order to see changes. My target area is my tummy as well. Iv been working out for three weeks now i have lost a few kilos but belly fat is stubborn. Just keep going, ull get the results u want, but i think ull need more than a week. Maybe 3 to 6 weeks. Hope this helped. Im new to all this so everything iv told u iv read on the net xD
03 Mar
Extend your workouts, and start cutting your break time down. Once you get comfortable with your workouts, its harder to burn the calories. Switch them up too, focus on making your entire body hurt. Not just a certain area. And when it does hurt.. Thats when you really push yourself! (That extra 10 sec. Really does help)