Is my diet healthy?

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May 27, 2014 10:43pm
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Hey there :D
So me and my friend Adi started a diet together we made ourselves and I was wondering if it was healthy enough?
We are gonna start eating clean soon, but we don't have money just yet so, still eating same stuff, but we only drink soda once a day, we drink soda a lot so it's a big reduction. We do three work outs on here, morning: fast arms and abs midday: 10 min. Wake up call night; top to bottom beach basics
We eat 1,450 calories a day
But Saturday we have off
Do think this is really unhealthy? I don't think so personally because this is a lot better to our normal diets
Thanks (:
27 May
What your doing now is okay, but what you should do is reduce the amount of Soda you drink even though it's once a day its honestly not that good. Reducing will make a big difference since soda is not the stuff you should Drink when dieting, but if you want to switch to diet soda you could, but I prefer something else that's better to drink then soda. Other then that your doing good, but reducing the amount of soda will make a difference if your dieting.
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May 28, 2014 4:00am
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Download myfitnesspal app if u haven't already. Like the other person said, reduce ur soda down to none. Take it slowly. One week, have sodas only 4 days a week, next 3 days a week, and so on. Try water enhancers the crystal light raspberry one is pretty good. I sometimes drink powerade zero as well. I hated water, drank sodas everyday, to me water tastes bitter and my taste buds are high maintenance, likes fuiji water. But I trained myself to drink water and water only, and I think my taste buds are adapting.