Toned legss! Gain weight !

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Jun 13, 2014 8:34pm
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Im 5"3 weight 105.. Tho befor i had a baby i weighted 115 had kinda toned legs and butt .. Now i feel like im too skinny n want to get toned legs and butt and gain a lil weight what can i do to achive my goalsss?! ! I work workout about 30 min a day squats weights etc tho i dont see resulta and also i get light headed really fast when exercising and i stop ... So i think im not doing enough exercise but why do i get light headed??? Helpp pleaseee!!!

13 Jun
Are you drinking enough water? Also to gain muscle you need to eat more calories-protein and carbs
13 Jun
Yes i drink lots of water.. Specially when i exercisw