Im a lazy teen that needs to workout before school

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Jul 12, 2014 7:20am
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I'm 15 I'm such a lazy ass now and I'm almost 200pounds and I'm 5'5½ I need to really workout before I start high school I would at less like to be 175 or less but I don't know how to start to workout since I never done cuz I use to be very skinny now I'm not is there any exercise for a lazy teen girl for me?

12 Jul
There are some really good quick workouts on this. Also on you tube . good luck x
12 Jul
Just don't give up :-) once you get used to it and it becomes routine it will be pleasant...
12 Jul
start with sth easy and commit. and dont forget to examine your diet. eat lots of fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables. (please dont starve yourself, just make sure youre eating good, healthy food)
12 Jul
I actually have a eating disorder and I'm a picky eater I don't eat fruit or veggies but I don't really drink soda and I only crave for a lot of sweets on my month so I bought like healthy candy bars
24 Jul
Wanna be workout buddies?
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Jul 12, 2014 3:56pm
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I know how you feel, half of losing weight is the motivation. When you feel yourself eating unhealthy food or not working out, think out the slim body you will have