Track season?

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Jul 15, 2014 11:31pm
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Hello.. I'm trying to get my Stamina up, stomach flat, abs showing, no flatness on the back side (butt).. And I'm also interested in track. I want to try out for track this school. I know track season is in January or February but I want to be fit and looking good way before so when I am ready I'm sure that I'm going to make the team.. But there is one problem, not only do I want to make the team I want to be the fastest on it. I want to sprint! How can I reach my Goals before track season? My goal is January 15, 2015 which is 6 months from now.. Any suggestions? Today was my first day working out!

16 Jul
What events do you want to run?
Jul 16, 2014 2:04am
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I used to run track and field but i quit after soccer season(((Too much running))).
Try to get your stamina first (((running Half a mile to 5 miles slowly))) Do Tempo Run if you can. After a while, if you notice improvements, add more speed to it And always try to do some workouts before and after,atleast 15 minute workouts.