Is it possible?

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Oct 16, 2014 4:25pm
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Is it possible to have abs without cutting off the foods you want?

I have been doing p90x 5 times a week before and I've seen some results but not much It went to the point where when I did it, it hurted less everyday. Don't get me wrong when I started it it hurt as hell I remember it hurt whenever I laugh or try to get off bed xD but with my research I know the pain is what builds it so I took a rest out of it, until to the point I got lazier everyday and completely put it aside Lol so now I'm thinking of going back at it. But I wanna know how this time I wanna do it right and not just pick an exercise do it whenever i feel like it. Any tips or tricks I need to know about building abs as quick as possible? If so please comment I'm 18 female btw.
16 Oct
You need to have good diet to get abs. 70% is your diet
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Oct 16, 2014 6:09pm
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In short no its not possible.  Certainly won't be quick either.
Abs are made in the kitchen.  They require a clean diet and a lot of hard work to achieve and maintain as they rely on a low fat percentage. 

16 Oct
Very true you need to eat clean which isn't easy for most and you need to train hard mix up programs keep ur muscles guessing I started with insanity also the asylum done p90x @ p90x2 all great workouts
16 Oct
I'm not fat or anything so I didn't see why I should but what should I eat and stay away of?