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Dec 10, 2014 3:03pm
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Idk why,i want to be fit but my mimd just keep procrastinating, i tell myself to do a schedule but i dont actually follow it.Does anybody have tips tht will make us more focused and avoid procrastinating?

10 Dec
Stop thinking about it and start doing it
10 Dec
The only tip there is... do it. Unfortunately it is extremely easy for our minds to come up with excuses and reasons why we can't or wont get it done. Look at your mind as the only thing in this world that could stop you from accomplishing what you want to do. You beat the mind and you are on your way. It has to be instantaneous... when you say to yourself that you are going to get up and go for a walk, do it. If you say you are going to get up and lift weights, do it....
11 Dec
Thank you! Thats the most honest answer and i get it now thank you guys!FROM.NOW ON NO EXCUSES
11 Dec
No problem Suria. We are here to push you along. I am still learning the same thing. No doubt it is tough but I know you have it in you. We all do. It is all about making it happen. Like you said.. NO EXCUSES! Good luck and I look forward to seeing some updates from you!
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Dec 10, 2014 4:02pm
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You can try out myfitnesspal. I find putting in my food dairy and recording my workouts makes me more accountable.
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Dec 11, 2014 2:43pm
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Start little and work up from there. Go take a five minute walk and then the next time walk for 10 minutes and the next time walk for 15. Just keep adding gradually to what you do and the next thing you know you're looking forward to your next work out and you're no longer dragging your feet. The key is just get up and do something! Even if its a only a little, it's more than you were doing before you started.


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