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Dec 14, 2014 7:19pm
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Damn workout days are running out....and now no motivation no happened to me. .I'm not getting used to ma plans that I made. ...I really need help guys...😰😓

15 Dec
I used to be in those shoes too. I have a friend thats a trainer down here in Texas and the thing he told me that helped him and now it helps me is well is to go under Clinical Hypnosis. Clinical Hypnosis is really good for health,weight loss and longevity. Changed my life. Hope that helps...
15 Dec
I don't know much about that....but i will surely look into it......thanks mate
15 Dec
Do it to impress your crush m8
15 Dec
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Dec 14, 2014 7:25pm
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I fully understand you I used to enjoy working out but I keep losing my motivation, I don't even have it no more but I'm really trying to get it back because I'm becoming too lazy so when you come up with some ides please tell me.

14 Dec
Well Stacie...ur r8...seems like u r not too much into workouts and u too need a motivation...r8 mate?
14 Dec
Yep I need the motivation because i want that healthy l, body i just need the help.
14 Dec
So lemme think....we start tomorrow.... And we have to...what u say..let it be a workout challenge.. ..aha.. Done?
14 Dec
That's fine by me, let's do it!!! I enjoy challenges lol plus I'm off work so that's a bonus xD
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Dec 14, 2014 7:34pm
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I have the motivation but i just cant complete it. My motivation is: i really want to lose weight because i am a little bit overweighted and i could complete it so i searched for an idol because i just wanted to be a little bit like him. So i searched for someone i like has a good body and has some of the same hobbies. I founs LegendaryAbs he's a streamer on twitch and he is my motivation every time i cant do it i make a break for like 10-20 seconds and think about him. So i get new motivation to do the workout. You ahould also find a person as motivation.. like a girl you want to impress or maybe a friend/part of your family and i hope you find your motivation in one of them!  Good luck🌿

14 Dec
That's awesome mate....u rock.....thanks bud
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Dec 26, 2014 11:09am
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You got big hopes and dreams. Maybe you want to get lean, bulk, lose weight, gain muscle mass. But you got to make those dreams a reality. It takes hard work and dedication. You gotta work for it, in order for those dreams to become real. You cant just let the dream sit their and expect for things to change. No  it take sweat and tears. Its all a big process you gotta follow to make those  dreams real. And I can tell ya its well worth during the end but as far as I can tell you. Their is no end, you can always  improve upon your dreams. Thats how you become successful.  So next time when you are at the gym dream big. And push those dreams into reality.  workhard and I  guarantee you will become successful in the gym or whatever you do.

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Dec 26, 2014 12:22pm
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50 reasons to exercise!
1) lifts ur mood
2) improves learning abilities
3) builds self esteem
4) keeps ur brains fit
5) keeps ur body fit
6) boosts ur mental health
7)  boosts it immune system
8) reduces stress
9) makes u feel happier
10) has anti-ageing effects
11) improves skin tone and color
12) improves sleeping patterns
13)helps prevent strokes
14) improves joint function
15) improves muscle strength
16) alleviates anxiety
17) sharpens memory
18)  helps to control addictions
19) boosts productivity
20) boosts creative thinking
21) improves body image
22) gives u confidence
23) helps u stay focused in life
24) improves eating habits
25) improves longevity
26) strengthens our bones
27) strengthens us heart
28) improves posture
29) prevents colds
30) improves appetite
31) improves cholesterol levels
32) lowers risk of certain cancers
33) lowers high BP
34) lowers risk of diabetes
35) fights dementia
36) eases back pain
37) decreases osteoporosis risk
38) reduces feelings of depression
39) prevents muscle loss
40) increases energy and endurance
41)increases sports performance
42) increases pain resistance
43)increases balance and coordination
44) improves oxygen supply to blood
45) improves concentration
46) helps with self control
47) lessens fatigue
48) makes life more interesting
49) Qualities life
50) u receive compliments from others and everyone loves receiving compliments.

29 Dec
Oh great thanxxx....


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