Beating the smoke; Its Freaking arr !!

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Jan 29, 2015 6:01pm
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Hey guys!
Well, Problem wth me is i never had to workout hard for my fitness; i got this physic predominantly itslf lol. Or in times, ages ago, whn i had enough motivation, being underage even; i joind a moderate gym for experimenting my lean body but for not more than 3 mnths. Nd I have also rejoind 3 or 4 times after i quit it for the 1st time but for not more thn a week i could go..! Well now as growing is fact so things needa b taken lil serious! Passionate thoughts productivity stays the same n heart beats loud n freaks out whn i come across any built up monk. Wants to build it to the next level. Want to start with these small but profound n complete workouts here but..Ahh lack ov motivation knocks me out again n b4 i could resume n step out a workout, the energy drains n i feel tired without having tested even.
Taking an hour or 2 out from ur bxy schedule for ur good health doesnt matter. It worths it but again the same prob comes intruding.
This winter the laziness pushes me bck in the couch nd summer heats up n burns the desire to go n work out. what to do??? :'(
Is out there sum1 could help???