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Feb 13, 2015 5:11pm
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Things are a little comolicated. Im 107 and 5 1. Im skinny but i need to get tone. I just had a baby so i am a teen mom. Itsbhard to find the time to work out and once i do have the time i make up an excuse not to. How do you guys find motivation?

13 Feb
U have to eat more. I suggest downloading an app called myfitnesspal. And also try to build muscle. There is way more to it but u should at least start somewhere. U can build a lot of muscle with body weight exercises compared to what u start with so try some. But remember u won't gain anything if u don't eat enough. U need a caloric surplus
13 Feb
I have a calorie app thatvstracks what i eat. I have a bad addiction of eating fast food
16 Feb
Start small, one workout a day. Don't overdue yourself. Keep it fun. Once you get in to a routine, it becomes so much easier
16 Feb
Once you have started small and you start to see results youll want to keep going and get more results, once you've seen your first results you wont be able to stop