s it alright to drink coffee for energy for a workout?

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Apr 30, 2015 4:07pm
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Is it alright to drink coffee for energy for a workout?

30 Apr
Kinda a no no... It's high in sugar
30 Apr
Coffee has no sugar in it..... Unless you add sugar
30 Apr
Coo thanks for the tip
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Apr 30, 2015 6:14pm
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This question has been asked before, search in forum would have given the answer. Yes, it's ok, as long as you don't add sugar and milk. 30-45 min before a workout will even help burning more fat. Enjoy:)

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May 2, 2015 6:05pm
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What is coffee? 

coffee is a bean (originally discovered in Ethiopia which is where I am from)... 

Caffeine is the main ingredient which is an alkaloid.

Some of the effects of coffee is being a stimulant.

Side effects are that its a dieuretic (spelling)... Which means it flushes water OUT of your body.

So NO it's terrible before a workout... Most of your water will be out (if not all) and there is a potential of effects on your energy levels.

During workouts your body needs energy - so a
Low glycemic meal 30-60 mins before your workout will help you immensly. Depending on your workout of course.

Coffee is good to enjoy the drink - some body builders take coffee to flush out all the water so they look "lean".
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May 3, 2015 8:59am

The idea, that coffee  dehumidifies is an old mistake, which is withdrawn by many studies.

The facts:

Caffeine has a diuretic effect. Both the amount of caffeine as well as the frequency of coffee consumption have an impact on this. But, the effect is only temporary and less pronounced in regular coffee consumption, so that the fluid balance regains its equilibrium within a day. For should those, who are used to drink coffee, there are no bad effects.

On the other hand, coffee has some really good effects. This all doesn't mean, you should avoid water as a drink;-) But, as mentioned, one coffe or espresso 30-45min before a workout, is always a good idea:)

03 May
I would agree with H, coffee has been a great kick for me before workouts. For me it's not about needing something like coffee before a workout it's about getting a much better work out and more energy from taking it
03 May
http://www.livestrong.com/article/433642-does-coffee-really-give-you-energy/ A pretty good summary of what Coffee/Caffeine does... you're not getting metabolic energy when you drink Coffee!
03 May
Thanks Noel, I will read it asap. And hope to understand everything lol... I get 4 different papers/magazines with summaries about studies and news about health, sports and medicine every month, but in german. Makes it a lot easier for me to understand;-)
03 May
After reading your link, I think the studies don't contradict. In your link, it says "Caffeine from coffee is not an energy-generating substance". The studies I have say, caffeine increases the burning of fat. Maybe this is the reason, we did different conclusions?
04 May
Caffeine does burn fat because of the effect it has on your brain (neurotransmitters), if I recall correctly. I know for sure it does but chemically, I need to refresh my knowledge and re-read some of my books. But yes, it does burn fat. The question still was whether drinking coffee before a workout benefits performance... my stance is that the performance gain is an effect of the caffeine which isn't true energy performance (from a metabolic standpoint) - i.e. there is no energy being released per say as a result of the caffeine intake. It's a stimulant which increases...
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May 3, 2015 4:17pm

I sincerely disagree. What is the purpose of consuming coffee before a workout?

Let's agree on one thing - when people say "i love coffee", most of the time they are referring ot the effects caffeine has on their body. Sure, moderate consumption does no harm but that stays true for most other 'stuff' you consume.

Coffee before a workout in my opinion, has no siginificant effect prior to a workout. If you're looking to 'burn fat' or 'get energy', it's very short term and daily consumption of coffee before a workout, will not give you the results you seek.

Please prove me wrong. I've done the whole coffee consumption before a workout (simply because I wanted to study it's effects for myself on MY OWN BODY), and the positives are very small. Also, I have had many of my friends (avid fitness enthusiasts) who have also done the same and they tell me, it has no significant effect on performance when working out.

But again, if you have a study, I'd love to review it and further my knoweldge.

03 May
I really like the way we discuss. Thanks:) Do you agree, we may not confuse several arguments and mix all together in pone pot? First, Adrian asked if it's ok to drink coffee before a workout. I say yes, it is, 30-45 before. Though I didn't say (which I should have done) that it's better to drink water straight before too. Next point, do we agree that when People say "i love coffee..." - yes we do! Now, I say coffee can increase the burning of fat. You say, you don't FEEL this - I agree. I also don't FEEL...
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May 3, 2015 5:23pm

Extract of a study I got in german. Hope the translation is understandable:)

Caffeine (especially Paraxathine) also affects the metabolic processes. It ensures that muscles relatively more to access fatty acids as an energy source than in muscle glycogen. This so-called. "Glykogen-saving" effect comes all athletes to Good, who rely on a long-lasting energy from glucose and these are by far not only strength athletes. Even endurance athletes, for example from the Triathlon to benefit enormously from such metabolic processes. The best results are to be expected here with intake of 3-6mg per kilogram of body weight.

Interesting: Concomitant intake of caffeine with carbohydrates before a workout promises synergistic effects in terms of energy supply and power output.

Lipolysis and thermogenesis
Must expire accelerated contrived are more fatty acids for immediate energy supply lipolysis. This actually logical consequence gives each trainee for better performance even increased fat burning. Caffeine also acts as a thermogenic

Finally Australian researchers found that caffeine may be useful even after training, by regenerating the glycogen stores in the muscles faster. Compared to a pure carbohydrate administration glycogen levels higher in the trained muscle were so after 4 hours in combination with caffeine (8mg per kilogram of body weight) to 66% measurable.

Conclusion: Caffeine brings hard training athletes a glycogen reserve and supports the body fat loss and regeneration.


While investigations with both power- and endurance-oriented sports show the changes mentioned, and indicates that an increase in output, there are also studies with interval sports like tennis where there were no significant changes. From this perspective, the effect of caffeine especially in these sports is to critically review.


06 Jun
Wow thanks bro