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May 5, 2015 3:13am
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What's the cause of bacne? How to reduce bacne? How should I workout without having bacne?

05 May
Sports Bra+ Sweat = Bacne. Also depending on your hair length and how you wear it the oils and products in your hair can also cause it. What I do soon as I'm done working out I go straight to the shower. I have a back exfoliating brush and some salicylic acid soap (Neutrogena) and scrrubbb. Make sure to do that AFTER you wash your hair! After I wipe as much as I can reach with astringent. Now I don't have a problem with it. Just try the soap first alone and see if it helps. Add the astringent...
05 May
Thanks Tyler! I should try that :)
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May 5, 2015 3:28am
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There are so many different causes for different people. Diet plays a large part, but what foods trigger it are different for people... It could be your even using the wrong body soap, or your clothing detergent, or the fabric content of your shirts. Stress is a factor. Sleep patterns. The body is such a complex balancing act, one change somewhere can affect a lot.

Changes in habits or weather can do it, like when the weather gets hot, I find more issues around where i wear my backpack. If you've started a job where you sit with your back against a chair a lot...

Try washing asap after workouts.

Try reducing salt in your diet.

You can try phases of cutting various typical food triggers, like a week or two without dairy, see how that goes, then go back on and a week later try two weeks without gluten. It's difficult to nail down health triggers, because there are so many variables in life.  But if you can think about what has changed in your life since you noticed more acne, there's a greater chance that has something to do with it.

05 May
Thanks! I'd definitely try that :)
05 May
Yeah no problem if you recently started working out then the above comment about sports bra sounds like a good bet for what is the most likely change to affect that area.

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