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Jun 9, 2015 7:46am
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So i just got out for summer vacation and since freshman year i wanted to lose weight because i want to be confident in my self and have peace with myself and since i will be a senior this year i want to lose atleast 25pounds the last time i weight my self i weight around 172 pounds... i did a bit of search and i saw all thies crazy diets but even though i may be heavy i like to stay active and all i am trying like squats and pushups and abs challenge, i do enjoy them and all but i feel like i may be missing a few things... when i searched for full body work out most of them.required tools that i dont have and as a 16 year old girl i cant afford them

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Jun 10, 2015 8:04am
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1st off get your nutrition in check. Track your calories and eat clean. NUTRITION IS KING! check for a full explanation on calories and calorie defecit. 

It'd be a great habit to fall into doing fasted cardio upon waking. Just wake up and go run/ jog, every morning for 30 mins. You'll hate it at first but everyone will be jealous a year later.

Here's some no equipment full body workouts,  but I have to suggest try joining a gym. Beg mom and pop for a membership,  hell tell them you all can workout together like a family activity... guilt trip it!

Plank Or Die [JY]
HIIT Me Please [JY]
Killer Cardio [JY]
Total Body Minute Circuit (MV)
6 Hard Holding Moves
Stop Crying Like A B!#@H
* 30 Day 300 Squat Challenge *
So, You Think You're a Beast?
No Equipment Necessary Tabata Workout

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Jun 11, 2015 5:46pm
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Do a workout that challenge you thats how you will see results. You could do some workouts in this app or you could try this workout programme: Stronger by Nicky Holender. Google it. I'm doing it and I love it!! You'll see results. Good luck! :)