Help, How to avoid blisters? :(

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Aug 6, 2015 3:50am
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Hey Skimblers!
I've been on this app for pretty long and I realised whenever I go running or walk long distances my feet get blisters really easily!
I wear socks with my New Balance running shoes and it doesn't work, heels still get blisters. I tried switching to Nike but same problem persisted. I also tried putting plasters on my heels but once I start sweating they peel off or rub off and it's hopeless!!
06 Aug
Maybe the wrong shoe size. Half a size bigger may help.
06 Aug
Old tennis trick is to wear two pair of socks. I wear one light and 1 heavier on top. Sometimes have to buy next larger size shoes. Still often have bandaids on toes.
08 Aug
There are brands that specifically make plasters for blisters, like for example one is Compeed. It think they work really well, you can put them on to prevent blisters and also put them on when you get one to stop it from hurting. I always have some in my bag!
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Aug 8, 2015 1:34pm
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Hi Camille, i get blisters when i go backpacking.  My trick is to use the bandaid blister bandaids and then put athletic tape over the bandaids.   Also i have heard that petroleum jelly on your trouble spots works.  I am going to try that next.  Hth. 

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Aug 10, 2015 11:31am
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Have you seen this trick about creating a 'heel-lock'  with the top hole of your laces?   You can Google it and there are a couple videos. This link probably won't be a clickable link cuz skimble is great like that.

But yeah i saw it a while ago and found it again by googling something like 'what to do with that last hole in sneakers'... There are a few results.

I haven't needed or tried it but for you it might be worth a try