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Aug 17, 2015 6:36am
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It may be hard but imagine the opportunities in the end it feels good to do something and when you think about how you sat around not doing it you feel more motivated to beat the old you
I have been playing soccer for 9 years it is my life and the funny thing is i was forced to do it i didnt think i would like it when i was little but i did i did it the next year and kept going (remember how i didnt want to?) Now everyone who runs soccer or plays knows my name and everyone wants to see me play and cheers for me and tells me good job and that i have alot of open doors. I am 13 and already have goals i want to go to stanford and play soccer still and i have learned that when you have something to motivate you you can strive to do the best at everything you put your mind to. Its not about impressing others or doing something because you know some one else would like it its because you want to do good and i have been thinking if i dont think and strive for my goals now i wont achieve them i CANT grow up and not have the job family and education that i want i have to work hard for them so think when you grow up you want to feel like you took the right path and you are great i hope this motivates you #13andstriving #stanford #goals #follow

17 Aug
Wonderful!! Keep up the great work Alexis!!