How Has Working Out Helped You?

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Aug 20, 2015 6:40pm
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For me, kind of a personal story, but my first gf wanted to break up with me so she could see another guy near her since I had to move away 5 months after we were dating and I just lack motivation and then I got pretty tubby and obese after a while of major depression, then I just had to make a change or nothing would get better for me, I started with HIIT only 2-3 times a week and over time, 3-4 times a week from programs in Skimble, then when my parents went to the farmers market to try to heathier but honestly I was the only one who wanted to eat as cleanly as possible during the time, and I've lost most of the fat I've dreaded and made some muscle to compensate for it, I weighed the same then as I started, 210 lbs, then many months later until November of last year I still did HIIT but involved a little bit more weight training but it was still HIIT in the blood, 215lbs, and starting after Christmas where I've spent my Christmas money on supplements (Whey Protein Powders and PreWorkouts) it felt as if dumbell weight training was a little too easy for me considering the weights I owned, a few months since, I've been sneaking my way to the weight lifting room during my open hour during my senior year to work out with much heavier dumbells and my workouts were longer than ever, I still did HIIT but with a special burpee workout and sprinting routine as well to keep my cardio in shape, 225 lbs., during the end of winter from earlier this year, my mom got herself, my step brother and I, gym memberships, but to my surprise I was the only one who went to the gym to start my barbell routines, but I wasn't surprised because my mom never had time on her hands due to work and etc. my step brother however is just lazy, he's always playing COD after school after I get back from the gym, I ask him why he doesn't go to the gym and he said he went to the weight training every day at his school, which was a lie because on my off days I see him arrive at the house and straight to the PS3 after school, which is the same time where after-school weight training session for the schools football team would begin, and there he is on his game, however my mom asked him why he wouldn't go to the gym, he said the same thing but he also said "Well Bailey always leaves there early and I need someone to go to the gym with!" And I get out earlier than him because I was a senior at the time and it was the school's system I guess and I went there every chance I've had by myself considering that I lost all my friends and never made any more because of how people just hated me and judged me for how I looked and the person I was, I honestly felt terrible when my brother said that, and I already feel like a terrible person as I am, but however I still went to the gym every other day, even after graduation, and working out got me where I am today and I am happy to take that path to change my life, 230lbs

21 Aug
Good job keeping yourself motivated even when your stepbrother refuses to join you in your workout sessions. At least you still have the drive to change yourself.
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Aug 21, 2015 10:40am
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Yh but still I just started