Newbie: Trembling when exercising?

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Nov 5, 2015 4:37am
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Hi! I'm new to this app and to working out in general. In the past, I've probably worked out twice or three times a year (I'm not exaggerating). And I'm home all the time so I don't do much walking. Every time I exercise, I tremble uncontrollably. I don't know why. Has anyone experienced this before? Why is it happening? I'm petite and female, and in my older teen years (in case that helps). The trembling actually scares me and discourages me from exercising, since I can barely hold still enough to do anything. Please help. All answers are welcomed

05 Nov
Do you have low or high blood pressure? That may have something to do with it. Also if you aren't eating, aren't rested, aren't hydrated, etc. that's going to effect the way you workout as well. If you're getting enough of those essentials that I mentioned above, you might want to try out with simple jogging to get your heart in shape. Since you say you didn't work out very much at all in the past, your body may just not be used to it. Hope you figure everything out! Good luck!
05 Nov
When i first started I would tremble to. My body wasn't used to these exercises, and I didnt have much muscle in the areas I was training. It stopped pretty quickly after I kept regularly excercising im sure it will for you to.
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Nov 6, 2015 5:15am
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It is probably due to the fact your muscles aren't used to working how they are working. Increase the amount of protein you are eating to ensure your muscles are being fed and have the ability to repair also ensure you warm up and cool down first
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Nov 7, 2015 12:49am
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I agree with what everyone is saying but, my advice ontop of it is to maybe just start slow. Maybe you're doing too much and putting pressure on your muscles. When I was 15, I never worked out. I was always inside and when I turned 16, I decided to change my ways through weightwatchers and exercise slowly got added to that. I'm now 19 Years old and I've been at my goal weight of 120 for over 2 Years. I started with cardio and walked miles after miles, slowly but surely through my journey. I still walk every now and then but I definitely target muscles much more than before. So my advice:
Walk daily, slowly. Half a mile one day, 1 mile another, etc. Drink plenty water as well. Don't push yourself. If you're doing push-ups and you aren't able to do 10 like others (I'll admit, I'm not good at them either) do 2 or whatever your Max number is. Next day, maybe aim for 3. Slowly work your muscles into everything. Days off from exercise is also something you should consider. I do it a lot because by the morning, I'm sore after a certain workout.