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Jan 12, 2016 7:57am
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I'm 16 years old,I want to start exercising everyday after school,but sometimes when I got home after school at 2pm I feel super sleepy and tired.I don't have much time too because i always having a course every evening (from 4pm-night).I can't take a rest in short-time,I need to take a nap.With that my energy will come back.Is there any way that I can feel less tired/sleepy?so I can stay in my track and focusing on my goals.Thank's before

12 Jan
In my opinion you should do some yoga, it can be relaxing or very hard and Most of the yoga workouts are a combination of the two sides of yoga :) if you start slowly with some stretching you will fell energized hope it will help you!
16 Jan
I have a whole host of medical problems that make me so tired. Usually I can trick myself into working out by starting with yoga or stretching. After I finish that my body is ready for more intense things. Sometimes though that's all I can do. But yoga still helps build muscles, improve circulation, and flexibility so I still consider it a win if that's all I can manage.
18 Jan
I have illnesses problems to :(