Don't have the right lifestyle, any suggestions? (Read for details)

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Mar 18, 2016 9:59pm
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I have workouts for PE homework, and they're all running exercises. But I'm in middle school, so my grandma refuses to let me out by myself (but my parents were previously fine with it). My own iphone 4 can't call, so I have to bring it (it has this app) and a huge android phone on my jog. I also have to have my grandma bring me out, and I strongly suspect that she will make me wait for her each time I speed up. I feel like vagabond setting out, and it's discouraged me from completing my workouts.
Please, I really need some suggestions.
20 Mar
How about going to a track? You can run laps while your grandma watches you from the bleachers
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Mar 19, 2016 8:53am
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Why do you need to bring your iPhone? Can't you just use the android with this app or even just a simple timer app or whatever and log it in skimble later?
Also, why must you run so far? The cool thing about running is that you don't need THAT much space. Can you just run up and down your block? Or go to a park or someplace you can do laps in view of grandma?

19 Mar
Or buddy up with a classmate to do pe hw together and make your grandma feel safe